Medical equipment for blood services

Laboratory researches is an important stage for prophylaxis, diagnostics and treatment of many diseases. Human blood is the most informative material, that allows specialist to get complete information about the patient's organism status. Thorough approach for  purchase of consumables and equipment for the preparation of blood components is highly important. The quality of equipment for blood service, medical refrigerators, medical freezers, consumables, reagents and other necessary elements influence on the accuracy of the tests and the success of subsequent treatment.

Features and benefits of  the equipment for blood service

An appropriate technical equipment of medical establishments is necessary for the receiving of a high quality blood components. Modern blood transfusion stations, blood banks, transfusion centers and laboratories use following equipment and consumables:

Blood collection bags

These consumables provide 100% preservation of blood and its components, as well as safety blood collection, storage, transportation and transfusion. Bacterial contamination risk is  minimized. System is reliable and does not break due to the usage of quality materials.

Leukoreduction filters

Reduction of leucocytes in the dosage of blood or blood components to 1*106/l

Reduction of micro clots

Filter material – polyester.

Blood collection systems

System consists of evacuated blood collection tube, needle and holder. Blood collection systems are simple and easy for use. They insure safety and sterility during collection procedure. Tubes can be used as a container for trasportation and storage of collected material. Applying of evacuated blood collection systems significantly increases the accuracy of test results.

Medical and laboratory centrifuges

The main function of these equipment is to provide centrifugation of different substances, that permits to receive following results:

  • Quality separation of different liquids
  • Concentration of some components
  • Increasing of accuracy of medical investigations
  • Obtaining of a high quality  blood components

Medical and laboratory refrigerators and freezers

We offer wide range of medical and laboratory refrigerators and freezers of different volume and temperature mode. Their high quality compressors provide the effective cooling and freezing. Manufacturer gives 36 months of guarantee for these equipment. Our product range is constantly extended by new equipment based on the energy-saving and environmental protection technologies.

Transfusiological equipment

  • Wide functionality
  • Conformity to international norms and regulations.
  • Providing of proper terms of manufacturing and storage of blood components.
  • Long exploitation term.
  • Availability of required certificates

High quality medical equipment from the company Ledum ltd.

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