Hettich Web Showroom

Hettich Web Showroom 12.07.2021

Dear partners!

Our partners and manufacturers of medical centrifuges and incubators, Andreas Hettich GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) has developed a modern service for the convenience of doing business in quarantine conditions and meeting the needs of end users - https://www.hettichlab.com/showroom/. Please refer to the producs showroom by this link!

Now you need not to travel to exhibitions and cover the distances to see this equipment!
Just follow the link and you will see it all online with your own eyes !!!
You find yourself in cyberspace and  you can see this medical equipment and find out its characteristics in 3D! Incubators and centrifuges that will meet the needs and requirements of everyone!German quality and many years of experience guarantee the highest quality and safe work.

We remind you that all equipment is certified in accordance with the norms of the Technical Regulations for medical devices, approved by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 753 and № 754 dated 02.10.2013.

We will appreciate your feedback, questions and comments!
You can write or call: 0675605242, 0635332238.
Our managers will be happy to provide you professional advice.

Regards. Ledum Ltd